'Disabled pedestrian hit my car', claims driver

A driver accused of driving into and killing a pedestrian tells court that the pedestrian hit his car - not the other way round.

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ABU DHABI // A driver convicted of running into and killing a limping pedestrian told the Appeals Court today that the man hit his car - not the other way round.

A security guard who witnessed the collision said he saw the Infinity saloon car of the Emirati, OF, approaching a roundabout at a speed of between 60 to 80kph on the day of the accident, which occured earlier this year.

At about same time the security guard noticed the pedestrian step out of a driving school car and begin to cross the road. He described the pedestrian as "physically disabled", saying that he was limping across the road.

"He did not look right or left, he was in a hurry to catch the bus on the opposite side," the security guard testified.

The collision took place before the pedestrian had finished crossing, he added.

When the judge asked the security guard how he knew the pedestrian wanted to catch the bus, he replied: "He was gesturing for it, it leaves every 10 minutes."

Before questioning the driver, the judge explained that under traffic law, "even if a traffic light is green, and that of the pedestrians is red, it is the driver's responsibility to check the road before driving through."

The driver argued that the pedestrian had not crossed his vehicle's path. "He hit my car from the side - I did not hit him," he said.

His lawyer then asked the security guard what area of the car had been in collision with the pedestrian.

"The pedestrian hit the car from its right side," replied the security guard.

The driver was previously found guilty, fined Dh10,000 and ordered to pay blood money. The amount of blood money was not specified, but it is usually set at Dh250,000. He is appealing on the grounds that the collision was, at least in part, caused by the pedestrian.

The verdict was scheduled for May 30.