Child rapist's sentence reduced to three years

A teacher jailed for 10-years for raping a pupil multiple times has his sentence reduced to three years.

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DUBAI // A teacher who raped a pupil has had his prison sentence reduced to three years from 10 by the Appeals Court.

HM, 40, was supposed to be giving private Arabic lessons to the 13-year-old boy, but instead raped him while his mother slept in an adjacent room.

The boy's mother hired the Indian teacher, who worked at a school in Umm Rumool, for tutoring in July last year.

The boy said that before he was raped for the first time, the teacher asked him what his mother was doing.

"Once I told him that my mother was sleeping, he took off my clothes, molested me and then raped me," the boy said.

"I did not understand what he was doing and he asked me not to inform anyone, saying he would beat me and tell my father that I wasn't doing my homework."

The tutor assaulted the boy several times until the mother caught him on September 17.

She said 30 minutes after letting him in, she awoke to prepare some tea but heard noises coming from the next room.

"I walked in and saw my son with his pants down and the defendant half naked," she said.

After she screamed in horror, the teacher ran away. Police arrested him at his school the next day.

He will be deported after completing his sentence.