Boy raped disabled teen after plying him with alcohol and drugs

Thirteen-year-old is convicted of drugging and assaulting another boy, 15.

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DUBAI // A boy, 13, forced a disabled teenager to drink alcohol and take drugs, then raped him, the Dubai Juvenile Court heard yesterday.

That was after a man had assaulted the Emirati teen, 15, with a sword and forcefully molested him, the court heard.

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ES, a stateless boy born in Dubai and a resident of Ajman, was convicted of raping the teen and illegally drinking. He was referred to a rehabilitation centre for treatment after which he will be deported.

BH, 23, also stateless, faces the same charges in the Criminal Court of First Instance. No verdict has yet been returned.

Prosecutors said that on September 24 last year, ES forced the teen to BH's house in Dubai. There ES drank alcohol and made the teen swallow several pills and drink.

ES then injected him in the right arm with a banned substance.

BH took a sword from his closet, assaulted the disabled teen then forcefully molested him, prosecutors said. After that, ES raped him.

The victim told prosecutors he left his house in Al Satwa to have dinner at a nearby cafeteria, but ES and another boy stopped him and forced him into BH's house.

He said he was given alcohol and tablets, and after being injected he lost control of his body. He added he was not allowed to return home that night and was released the morning after.

His sister, KH, 19, said she was his guardian because their mother suffered from a mental illness. She testified her brother suffered from physical and mental disabilities from a car accident.

KH testified that on the night of the incident she called her brother's mobile because it was unlike him to stay so long outside the house.

"When he answered me, he was hallucinating and someone was telling him what to say," she said.

KH looked for her brother and called her cousin to help find him. Her cousin called the boy's mobile several times but it was turned off.

When he tried again in the morning, the 15-year-old answered and said he was near a cafeteria.

"I found him nearly unconscious next to Al Shahama cafeteria in the Al Satwa area," said the cousin, MS, adding that the boy suffered from wounds on one of his feet.

He told his cousin about the incident and police were called.

Police found three used needles, several swords, an alcohol bottle and boy's underwear in BH's house.

BH denied rape charges during investigations and said ES and the 15-year-old came to his house, where they all consumed alcohol.

He said he drank a bottle of brandy and five cans of beer before going to sleep and did not know a rape had taken place in his room.

ES confessed but said the teen went to the house and consumed the alcohol and drugs willingly.

BH threatened to take naked pictures of the 15-year-old then sexually assaulted him, ES said, adding he had sex with the youth after that.