Couple arrested in Sharjah for allegedly kidnapping a maid

The man was also charged with sexual harassment and attempted rape.

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SHARJAH // Police have arrested two Pakistani nationals, a man and woman, on charges of detaining a woman.

The man is also accused of sexual harassment and attempted rape.

The Kalba Police Station was tipped off by a resident saying that a woman who was screaming for help had woken him up. He headed to a neighbouring flat to check and a woman told him that she had been detained for five days. But when he replied that he would report it to the police, she asked him instead to call the flat owner who used his flat as a contracting office. The flat owner said he would come instantly.

Still suspicious, the resident informed the police. When the CID officers arrived to the flat, the office owner, G H A, had already arrived and took the detained woman to another location. He was contacted and asked to visit the Kalba Police Station.

He came to the police station accompanied with a Pakistani woman and denied any knowledge of a detained woman, claiming that the woman with him at the police station was the one inside the flat. The woman also confirmed the same, saying she screamed because she was afraid.

Meanwhile, CID officers found an Indonesian woman who was actually the woman detained. The police learnt that she was a housemaid with a family and the flat owner encouraged her to abscond from her sponsor, promising her work with a good salary.

The flat owner, however, detained her and attempted to rape her several times. Faced with this, the suspects confessed to the charges against them. It was also revealed that they were behind other similar incidents.