Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi Police air wing launches isolation capsule for Covid-19 patients

The pod will safely transport Covid-19 patients who need care between different health facilities

An isolation capsule launched by the air ambulance unit of the Abu Dhabi police to transport Covid-19 patients and others suffering from infectious diseases. Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Police
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Patients with infectious diseases in Abu Dhabi will be placed inside a secure isolation capsule before they are airlifted for treatment to avoid the risk of spreading Covid-19 virus.

Abu Dhabi Police launched the new medical transportation system on Friday that would help limit the exposure of paramedics and security officials on the frontline.

“The capsule will ensure that the infection will not be transmitted to others or to the medical staff supervising the treatment,” said Major Dr Ali Al Dhahouri, an aviation medicine specialist at Abu Dhabi Police.

He said the device would be used to transport Covid-19 patients who required treatment between different health facilities.

The unit could later be used to move people suffering from other infectious diseases.

The Dubai Ambulance Corporation introduced a negative pressure isolation capsule last year called an 'EpiShuttle' to transport Covid-19 patients with severe symptoms to hospital.

The measures are part of precautions taken across the country as an extra layer of protection for frontline staff and to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.