Canadian tourist jailed for trying to bribe Dubai policeman

The Dubai Criminal Court also ordered the deportation of KJ following the completion of his jail term.

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DUBAI // A Canadian tourist was sentenced to three months in jail on Monday for offering a bribe to a policeman in return for not being arrested.

Dubai Criminal Court also ordered that K J be deported following the completion of his jail term. Court records showed he offered a 25-year-old Emirati policeman US$1,000 on May 23 this year, after being arrested along with a friend for drinking alcohol and causing a disturbance.

The officer, A A, said in records that he was at the Gold Souq in the Naif area, at around 7.30am on the day of the incident, when he saw two young men causing a fuss and disturbing people.

“A colleague walked towards the two and asked for their IDs but they refused to give him any. He could smell alcohol on their breath and noticed they were not acting normally,” said A A, who told the court he was talking to the other young man when K J offered him the bribe.

“He didn’t say the word bribe, but he said he would give me money, US$1,000, to let him go,” said A A. The officer then told the defendant that he was going to handcuff him until a patrol car arrived.

Prosecutors said K J confessed during investigations, but denied the charge when he appeared in court.