Azerbaijani motorist admits driving under influence of drugs in Dubai

The defendant caused a huge tailback at a traffic light as he was trying to start his car while the gear was in Drive. He then drove off in the direction of oncoming traffic.

DUBAI // A motorist who caused a huge tailback by stalling at a traffic light after consuming alcohol and hashish has appeared in court.

At 8.30pm on March 5 of this year, Azerbaijani Q S, 31, was driving the car in Dubai, while his compatriot J A, 32, was in the passenger seat.

Iranian police officer A M said he was on patrol when he spotted the car stopped at a traffic light.

“We noticed there was a huge traffic jam caused by the defendant’s car, so I parked while my partner went to see what the problem was,” he said.

“My colleague said that the driver was trying to start the car while the gear was in Drive, so my partner put the car in Neutral and the driver was able to start the engine.”

The driver drove off, but it was in the direction of oncoming traffic, so the policeman told the driver to stop.

It was then they spotted J A was looking unwell.

“My partner and I went to the car and saw that J A was in a weird state, he was not communicating with us at all,” said A M.

“I thought he was sick, so I called for an ambulance, then I asked Q S for his driving licence but he failed to produce it so I placed him in the police car.

“When the ambulance came, the staff told us that they suspected that J S was high on drugs, so I called in for back-up who came and escorted them to the police station.”

At Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday, Q S admitted driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, while J A admitted consumption of drugs.

They are expected to be sentenced on June 10.

Published: May 18, 2014 04:00 AM