All eyes on UAE's nuclear power plant development

The way forward: Nuclear outlook Power plant to apply for licence for second reactor

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The biggest story this year will continue to be the development of the UAE's nuclear power plant.

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec) is this month expected to present its licence application for a second reactor.

The approval process by the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation will take months.

In addition, the company will be looking to train more staff and scientists as it will be only four years away from operation.

It's expected that there will be some exciting announcements regarding the nuclear site this year, a proposal to link the site to the Etihad Rail plan being one of them.

The UAE will also be trying to finalise the nuclear-waste issue that has been cause for concern for both the public and the government.

Currently, talks about exporting nuclear waste are continuing. However, contingency plans are also being put in place, with a final announcement yet to be made.