Abu Dhabi to fine litterbugs up to Dh500

Municipality begins awareness campaign to cut down on spitting and littering in the streets.

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Abu Dhabi Municipality has begun an awareness campaign to remind people they can be fined up to Dh500 for littering, discarding chewing gum or spitting in the street, officials said today.

"We have people entering Abu Dhabi every day and they don't know about the rules," said Khaleefa Al Romaithi, director of the municipality's public health division.

The law calls for a Dh100 fine for spitting, Dh200 for throwing cigarette butts in the street and Dh500 for throwing chewing gum or other waste like bottles, cans or paper.

The laws prohibiting such behaviour date back decades, Mr Al Romaithi said. But many residents and visitors do not know about them.

"Because we see that many people are ignoring all these fines and throwing things in the street and throwing gum in the street, we are just sending a big message for everyone in Abu Dhabi," he said. "This is the fine, this is how much you have to pay."