Dubai delivery rider praised by government and employers for heroic act

Rider removed barriers that had fallen in the way of oncoming traffic

Waqas Sarwar, 34, who works for Deliveroo as a delivery bike rider, was honoured by the UAE government. Photo: Waqas Sarwar
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A Dubai-based delivery rider has been lauded after he risked his safety to remove barriers that had blown on to the road at a busy roundabout.

Waqas Sarwar, 34, originally from Pakistan, was filmed removing the barriers on Saturday in Dubai's Silicon Oasis.

On Monday, Mr Sarwar, who works for Deliveroo, found out his selfless actions had made him an online sensation.

His kind act was shared widely across social media, unbeknown to him, capturing the attention of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Dubai delivery rider's kind act goes viral

Dubai delivery rider's kind act goes viral

“When I cleaned that road, I didn't know someone was filming me,” Mr Sarwar said in a video shared by the ministry.

“I did what I thought is right to do.”

After seeing the clip, Khalil Al Khoori, undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs and Emiratisation, received Mr Sarwar in his office and honoured him.

“I was received by the ministry officials on Tuesday who thanked me for what I did,” Mr Sarwar told The National.

They gave me a really good gift. I'm very happy, but the gift is not important; it's the respect they showed that mattered the most.”

Mr Sarwar has been a resident of Dubai for 12 years and feared that other riders and motorists might fail to spot the blocks which could result in an accident.

“As humans and Muslims, we have to care for other people,” he said.

“If I spotted the blocks and drove past them, then I saved myself, but if another driver didn't see them, they may make an accident.”

His employers also commended him, sending an email of thanks and providing him with a bonus.

“This gesture from both my employer and the ministry encourages people to be the best they could be,” he said.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation also shared their gratitude to Mr Sarwar on social media.

“We have watched the video of Mr Waqas Sarwar removing blocks from the roads, and as an act of gratitude, HE Khalil Al Khoori, our Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs received him in his office and honoured him,” said the ministry on social media.

“We’re proud of people like Mr Sarwar; their acts of good will never be forgotten.”

Deliveroo also paid tribute to its employee for his efforts in helping others.

"The safety of our agency riders is a top priority for Deliveroo, and through his actions, Waqas ensured the safety not only of himself but also of other riders and motorists on the road," said a company representative.

"His courage is commendable, and we are grateful that the UAE is a country where acts of kindness by riders are not only internally recognised but also rewarded by the authorities.”

Updated: August 10, 2023, 7:28 PM