Abu Dhabi sets new road rules for delivery bike riders

Riders will not be allowed in the fast lane on roads with a speed limit of 100kph or higher

New rules in Abu Dhabi will limit which lanes delivery riders can use on some roads. AP
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New rules brought in to protect delivery bike riders mean that they will no longer be allowed to occupy the left lane on some Abu Dhabi roads.

The Joint Committee for Traffic Safety announced on Monday that riders must stick to the right-hand lanes on any roads with a speed limit of 100kph or higher.

The authority did not say whether fines would be incurred for those breaching the new rules.

Two years ago, Dubai set rules aimed at keeping riders safe.

The Road and Transport Authority collaborated with Dubai Police to create a manual with a list of precautions for riders to adhere to improve safety.

It included new rules such as not being allowed to carry a backpack and not travelling faster than 100 km/h.

Fines are imposed on riders who break the rules.

Those caught in the wrong lane risk a fine of Dh500 the first time, and Dh700 on the next occasion. If it happens three times, their permit is suspended.

The manual states that delivery riders need to indicate at least three seconds before making a manoeuvre and they should “avoid dangerously manoeuvring through traffic”.

They must wear a protective helmet, as well as long-sleeved clothing with protective padding or elbow pads.

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Updated: June 19, 2023, 9:49 AM