Emirati officer begged arresting colleague to throw drugs away to cover for him.

DUBAI // A policeman caught with drugs who begged his arresting colleague to throw away the banned substances to cover for him has been sentenced to four years in jail.

Dubai Criminal Court heard that Emirati MM, 49, was arrested in April with 0.23 grams of hashish and nearly 30 tramadol tablets.

He was charged with possessing and consuming drugs, to which he confessed in court.

Prosecutors said Dubai Police’s anti-narcotics department received a tip-off about him and an arrest warrant was issued on April 21.

He was arrested the following day while at work, records show, but they did not specify where he was stationed.

Some tramadol pills were found in his clothes and in his car.

“When the officer found the drugs, MM asked him for help and told him to throw away the drugs so he doesn’t get in big trouble,” testified KM, 24, a police lieutenant.

The Emirati policeman was taken to Bur Dubai police station, where a urine sample was taken. Traces of drugs were found in the sample and he said he had used drugs just four days before his arrest.


Published: December 19, 2014 04:00 AM