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DUBAI // A man who got into a fight with another customer at a nightclub ended up throwing a glass at a security guard, knocking out one of his teeth and causing him to pass out.

At the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours, Emirati A M, 30, faced charges of consuming alcohol without a licence and posing danger to the life of another person, which he denied.

Prosecutors said that at 3am on August 12 this year, A M was in a club in Al Riqqa when an argument broke out between him and a customer from Saudi Arabia. A M threw a large glass at the Saudi but missed and instead hit the security guard.

“I lost consciousness and woke up only when the ambulance crew were there,” said Egyptian security guard M A, 32.

He said that things were quiet in the club until A M and the Saudi got into an argument.

M A was left with a deep cut on his upper lip and lost one of his front teeth. He dropped the charges against A M, saying that he had not meant to hit him and cause him any injuries. AM therefore faced only a charge of drinking alcohol illegally.

The defendant was convicted and fined Dh1,200.