Want Lionel Messi's golden foot? It'll cost you Dh20m...

A 25kg replica of Lionel Messi's foot, cast in solid gold.  Pic: Franck Robichon/EPA
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So just how much is one of Lionel Messi's feet worth? How about Dh19.3m?

A solid gold replica of the Barcelona superstar's left foot, complete with skin patterns and blood vessels, has been created to commemorate his fourth consecutive Ballon d'Or win.

The 25kg statue, which goes on sale in Japan tomorrow, will raise money to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami which caused devastation to the country two years ago, with a pricetag of $5.25m.

A solid gold plate of the Argentina forward's footprint, and miniature versions of the foot statue, will also be sold to raise money for the earthquake victims through the Leo Messi Foundation.

The plates, 50 of which have been made, will each be sold for Dh347,000, and the 100 miniature feet for Dh154,266 each.

The real thing, however, is probably worth quite a bit more...