Hauling a tractor, hanging a boat from the roof, a swimming parachute: How athletes are working from home - in pictures

Sports stars are having to improvise as they wait for a return to action

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UFC 249 returns this weekend, and the Bundesliga in Germany is about to make a comeback.

After the long lockdown, sport is at last being given the tentative green light to return in some parts of the world.

The landscape will be different, there will not be any supporters allowed in most venues, and the regulations will be strict.

But it will be a welcome return for fans and for the sports stars.

They have been in limbo, waiting to see when competition returns, and making sure they are in top shape for that day.

Their problem has been access to training facilities. No gyms, no working with coaches, no nutritionists laying on the supplies. So they have had to adapt. And as the pictures show, they have been imaginative at finding solutions.

Garages, gardens, hanging a boat from the roof, even getting the children involved. Many different innovations.

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