Abdulrahman's back ... so is UAE football's biggest hair do

Omar Abdulrahman is not the only player with a mesmerising hair style. Pawan Singh / The National
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Thursday night sees the return to action of UAE football's biggest hair do, when Al Ain's Omar Abdulrahman takes to the pitch for the league champions in the Super Cup against Al Ahli. To celebrate, Thomas Woods lists five more incredible haircuts.

Marouane Fellaini, Everton If being 6ft 5ins tall and Everton's record signing is not enough to make him stand out, the Belgian has cultivated the Premier League's most impressive afro. Fellaini, whose parents are Moroccan, turned up at the club's end-of-season award ceremony last season with his mop died silver, to raise money for charity.

DeAndre Yedlin, Seattle Sounders Major League Soccer has been home to some of the world's greatest hair – from Carlos Valderrama's monster afro to Marco Etcheverry's lengthy mullet. Defender Yedlin, 20, is keeping the trend going with an ever-changing array of mohican-style hairdos.

Stephan El Shaarawy, AC Milan Speaking of mohicans, Milan's Italian / Egyptian forward must go through hair gel by the bucket load, judging by the height and stiffness of his haircut. It probably makes him more aerodynamic too, as El Shaarawy is a real speedster. Playing up front with the equally-well coiffured Mario Balotelli, he makes Milan's front lind one of the most striking in football.

Steven Lenhart, San Jose Earthquakes To call this a hair "cut" is inaccurate. More like a random growth of out of control curls, especially when Lenhart does not have it under a hair band. The forward gets so much attention for his hair that San Jose's fans held a Chia Pet night in his honour, where the planted chia sprout seeds in terracotta molds of his head and wait for them to grow.

David Luiz, Chelsea Say Sideshow Bob and any football fan and he'll come back for David Luiz. The Brazilian's hair is pretty incredible. A family of birds could live happily in his curls. And, even though Gary Neville once said he played football like he was being controlled by "a 10 year old on a PlayStation", Luiz has emerged as one of the world's top defenders.