Singers’ bright lights

Amid difficult circumstances, music and singing can provide an escape, whether it is Syrians or labour camp workers.

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With every hardship comes a relief, or at least a light of hope that brightens the darkness. For Syrians whose nation is mired in civil war, just such a moment came when a dance group from the country, Sima, emerged victorious on Saturday in one of the biggest reality television talent shows in the region: Arabs Got Talent.

Their spokesman said at the press conference afterwards that they are “first and foremost the youth of Syria, and our performances are a dedication to our country”. For a little while, Syrians had the chance to forget about their losses and enjoy the success of this talented group.

The same dynamic is at work with labourers in the UAE who participate in Camp ka Champ, an annual singing competition exclusively for those living in labour camps. The winners this year were two Indians who beat 3,000 candidates from 80 camps, but every participant won the chance to have some fun after long days of hard manual labour.

That is all part of our shared humanity: no matter what our circumstances, there is a love of singing and a desire for entertainment.