Israel says it will respond to Iran’s attack, thunderstorm in the UAE - Trending

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On today’s episode, Israel's war cabinet says Iran’s attack will be "met with a response".

Tehran says it is prepared to carry out a "stormy and united" reaction to any attack from Israel after Iran launched drone and missile strikes at the weekend.

Officials say Israel released dozens of Palestinian detainees, many of whom have accused Israeli authorities of mistreatment, which the military denies.

Hisham Adwan, spokesman for the Gaza Crossings Authority, said 150 detainees from "various parts of the Gaza Strip who were detained by the Israeli occupation have been released" through the Karm Abu Salem crossing.

Meanwhile, weather warnings are in place in the UAE after large parts of the country were hit by torrential rain and thunderstorms in the early hours of Tuesday.

Updated: April 16, 2024, 6:47 AM