Egypt's Marwan El Kamash on doing whatever it takes to fulfil his Olympic dream

Swimmer moved from South Carolina to Indiana, South Africa to Turkey and Italy to California in search of elite coaching

In the sixth episode of the Abtal podcast, host Reem Abulleil is joined by Egyptian distance swimmer Marwan El Kamash, who is getting ready to compete in his third Olympic Games this summer.

Since he moved to the United States more than 12 years ago to study and swim at the University of South Carolina, El Kamash has gone to extreme lengths to not only sustain, but consistently develop his career as a swimmer.

During the conversation, he talks about how he went from being a young teen in Alexandria who hated swimming, to becoming one of the best distance swimmers in the world with an immense passion for his sport that has taken him across the globe.

He also talks about his dream to make history for his country by becoming the first Egyptian to secure a place in an Olympic swimming final.

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Updated: April 01, 2024, 8:50 AM