You don’t have to fight to serve

Readers write about a hit film, fire safety, old buildings and airline lounges.

A reader applauds the vision of national service in Mel Gibson’s  Hacksaw Ridge. Mark Rogers / Supplied
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Letters to the Editor

When the Academy Awards nominees are announced next week, I hope there is some mention of Hacksaw Ridge.

This film, directed by Mel Gibson, chronicles the life of an American soldier, Desmond Doss, who served in the army during the Second World War as a non-combatant.

It refutes the claims we sometimes hear that you cannot play a role in the military or be subject to conscription if you are a conscientious objector.

The story of Doss, who refused to raise a rifle despite going through all the rigours of boot camp, is an extraordinary tale of courage and conviction.

As a medic, he single-handedly saved the lives of more than 70 men, including a few Japanese, and he became the first non-combatant to be awarded a medal for bravery.

The film is a brilliant essay about war and a true hero who played a valuable role despite his abhorrence of guns.

AR Modak, South Africa

Fire highlights the need for smoke alarms

I was pleased to read that nobody died in the recent fire in the capital (Evacuation drama at Abu Dhabi villa after fire breaks out, January 16).

Your report said that the civil defence team rescued six people from the home.

Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers and carbon dioxide alarms should be in every home.

They should be installed by the property owners and be subject to yearly checks by the Municipality.

Feda Jarad, Abu Dhabi

Let’s preserve these buildings

Thank you for your editorial, Preseving our tangible identity (January 17), about the UAE's architectural treasures.

On Facebook, you asked which building we would like to see preserved.

I suggest we keep the old Toyota building on Sheikh Zayed Road before downtown Dubai. It still stands proud even though it is dwarfed by its younger siblings.

Matthew Penney, Dubai

My favourite landmark was Fountain Fort on the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Farhan Raza, Abu Dhabi

I like Al Hur Building in Sultan bin Zayed the First Street (formerly Muroor Road).

OlegVolkivskyy, Abu Dhabi

I would like to see the Corniche Hospital preserved.

D Hamilton Stewart, Abu Dhabi

Lounge idea is first class

The story Emirates passengers given option to pay for access to premium lounges (January 16) caught my attention.

Despite some negative comments online, I think Dh367 is a bargain for the use of the business-class lounge.

Kelly Harvarde, UK

Why is everyone so negative about a good business decision by Emirates?

Kamal Mugahid, Dubai

Commentary is questionable

I refer to Michael Lambert's opinion article, Millennials must adapt to our changing world (January 18).

A lot of generational commentary – particularly out of the United States – is overcooked.

It commonly confuses age effects with cohort effects, which leads to misleading and inaccurate assumptions.

Name withheld by request

Merkel has put Europe at risk

Two catastrophic decisions by Angela Merkel have irrevocably changed Europe.

The first was her decision to invite more than a million immigrants into Germany without visas or any qualification or distinction between political refugees, economic migrants or potential extremists. At a stroke of her pen, Ms Merkel has altered the future demographic composition of the German state.

The second is her decision to supply Israel with state-of-the-art, powerful, German-built, Dolphin-class submarines that reportedly have now been retrofitted with long-range cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

She has done all of this without any mandate from the almost one billion European people who are now adversely affected.

Anthony Bellchambers, UK