Readers express frustration over the lack of enforcement of rules for jet skis. Silvia Razgova / The National
Readers express frustration over the lack of enforcement of rules for jet skis. Silvia Razgova / The National

Why can’t the rules on jet skis be enforced?

Why are the authorities not tackling the problem of jet skis (Rules of jet skis not enforced, May 12)? They are happy to ban fishermen using two-stroke outboard motors, so why not ban two-stroke jet skis. At least that would reduce the noise nuisance a bit. We operate non-motorised watersports from Yas Beach and that is plagued by jet skis at the end of the day.

Mark Freeman, Abu Dhabi

We live in Al Muneera on Al Raha Beach, where jet skiing is prohibited. Most jet skiers are aware of the ban as the area is marked by clear signs. They also get warnings from residents and coastguard personnel. They just don’t care.

Mohammed Al Hussaini, Abu Dhabi

We face the same problem by the Shangri-La. Jet skiing is prohibited in this area. But no one cares. I have seen them going over the swimming barrier. Once one of the swimmers almost got killed.

What’s worse, these people have no skills in riding jet skis, which means a disaster can happen any moment.

Heidi Cothron, Abu Dhabi

Focus on fresh business ideas

Did anyone ask designer Hamdan Al Samt why a standard designed baseball cap with a few words written on it costs three times as much as any ordinary cap (The many feathers in Cliente's caps, May 10)?

I am all for entrepreneurship, and have researched the subject for programmes. I don’t want to come off as a pessimist, but during our need to applaud, both entrepreneurship and Emiratisation, we also need to spotlight creativity, not just rebranding the most overdone idea, next to the denim jeans and T-shirts, with a message on them.

I like the hats, I’ve seen them in Dubai Mall. I think that the route to get there is never easy for anyone to build, but where are the new, never-before-seen or improved business ideas – the patching over of gaps in the market? I look forward to locally grown grassroots ideas and concepts for fashion or practical use. I know they exist. That said, I’m not trying to devalue the efforts. I really do like the hats.

Name withheld by request

New system will help passengers

The new system to validate passengers' boarding passes at Abu Dhabi International Airport seems to be an excellent idea (New boarding pass system at Abu Dhabi Airport in June, May 10).

I haven’t flown through Abu Dhabi airport for a couple of years now. One of the reasons I don’t is because of the long transit queues for verification of boarding passes. Somehow that seems to be the wrong place and time to question a passenger on why they want to travel to a certain destination.

Airports such as Dubai International, Heathrow in London and Changi in Singapore conduct their checks speedily. I don’t know how they do it. This ought to be the case with Abu Dhabi International Airport as well.

Susan Abraham, US

School zones must be safer

Your editorial Enforce school zone safety norms (May 12) is spot on.

I agree that a lot of things need to improve, but as an entrepreneur, I like the way the UAE is constantly improving.

Kari-Pekka Lankinen, Germany

While designing schools, the safety of the pickup and drop-off zones should be kept in mind. This should not be that difficult.

Mat Kennedy, Dubai

Some parents and drivers will not drop the kids anywhere except directly outside the school gate or door, blocking everyone else and causing massive tailbacks.

Police support is the only way to get them to use drop-off zones and make the students actually use their legs. Nobody listens to the poor security guards.

Samantha Attfield, Abu Dhabi

The five pillars of Islam
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