We stand by victims’ families in critical hour

Readers are all praise for the UAE's leadership. Other topics: utility tariffs, Emirati driver, Mars expedition, driving

Readers praise Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s gesture towards the victims of the Yemen attack. 

Ryan Carter / Crown Prince Court – Abu Dhabi
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My family was deeply hurt by the tragedy in Yemen. We extend our condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers.

The UAE hosts people from across the world. There are so many expatriates who call this country their home. That became possible because of the far-sightedness of the UAE’s rulers and the kindness of its people.

Emiratis are some of the most welcoming and generous people I’ve ever met. I said all this to say that I share the grief of the Emiratis. Yet, I am so proud of them.

Grazie Mauro Cirelli, Dubai

The support and compassion Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed expressed for the injured soldiers, as well as for the families of the fallen heroes, prove that he is a great leader of the Armed Forces. His visit to Zayed Military Hospital meant a lot to the wounded soldiers.

Charisse Yap, Abu Dhabi

September 4 was the saddest day for our country since the death of Sheikh Zayed in 2004.

I was monitoring social media as I tried to understand what had happened. I did not know how serious the Yemen crisis was until that day. But soon my sorrow turned into anger as I became aware of the rumours that were being spread in connection with the tragedy.

To my utter dismay, I found out that the names of the victims that were circulated on WhatsApp were actually those of students. My mother forwarded a picture of a soldier that brought her to tears. It turned out to be a fake photograph. We received many such videos and pictures that made me feel sorry for the families of the victims.

Thankfully rumour-mongers can be prosecuted now. But I would suggest that people carefully verify the information they find on social media.

Reem Jadah, Abu Dhabi

All is not well with utility bills

Further to the article Residents not cool with utility charges (September 8), we have recently received a bill for Dh6,350 for a five-week period in July-August for electricity and water.

This is for a four-bedroom villa close to the Grand Mosque and for three of those five weeks the villa was not occupied as we were away in Europe.

Residents must check their bills carefully and get Abu Dhabi Distribution Company to check their meters too. Something has gone terribly wrong.

Donna Willis, Abu Dhabi

This disturbing trend must stop

The video on your Facebook page of a Lamborghini on fire is shocking (Dh1.6 million up in smoke as video surfaces of Lamborghini on fire at Dubai Marina, September 9).

I am glad that no one was hurt in the incident. I do hope that this incident will serve as a deterrent to the owners of loud cars not to blast around the Marina at 4am, waking everyone up.

Giles Heaton, Dubai

UAE is setting a great example

In reference to the article Arrest order for Emirati filmed driving recklessly in European country (September 9), not only is the UAE setting an example of leadership, it is also helping its citizens to behave properly. This is praiseworthy.

Dina Abou-Zahr, Abu Dhabi

This sort of behaviour is shameful and unacceptable. These drivers must be brought to justice for taking the laws for granted and endangering their lives and those of the others.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

A trip to Mars is complicated

It's not impossible to travel to Mars (Is there life on Mars? There will be soon, September 1), but with current technology it's extremely complicated. They need to send many ships with supplies to Mars before humans can travel there.

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