We always feel safe in this country

Readers lament the closure of Dubai's dog park. Other topics: safety, job loss, bogus recruitment

Readers lament the sudden closure of Paws Pet Planet in Dubai. Ravindranath K / The National
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I was terrified to know that so many people were trying to destroy our beloved country (Terrorist group that planned to bomb UAE malls given life in prison, March 28). These people should never get the chance to appeal their sentences.

We don’t realise how the Government is trying all the time to keep us safe from these destructive elements until we hear this kind of news. Well done UAE.

Andrea Tanek, Dubai

This is terrifying. I wonder why some people are never satisfied even though they have got everything. Why would so many people want to threaten the peace of this country? It’s an island of peace in a burning region. Thank God that the plot of these people were foiled. They should be ashamed of themselves for being ungrateful to a nation that gave them everything.

Sara Smith, US

I wonder why so many people want to destabilise this country? Why so many in the world never want to live in peace?

Can’t they see what is happening all over the world? It seems that some people have no objective but to indulge in violence and subversion. That is their world, their idea of a great world.

Asif Ahmed, Dubai

The UAE’s closely knit society, the patriotism of the citizens and their keenness to adhere to societal norms makes it a very special nation.

The only problem is the handful of radical elements that are trying to disrupt this peace and tranquillity. What we need to do is educate people, expose the evil intents of the radicals and deny them the oxygen they need to survive.

Nelfer, Abu Dhabi

Accept reality and move on

In the wake of the falling oil price, many organisations in the region are having to downsize their operations or even close down.

This has prompted some people to review their employment contracts. Other are simply puzzled and confused.

These reactions are normal. What’s hard to do at this time is accept the inevitable and move on. But I think this is what one should do in such a situation.

There are ups and downs in life and we have to accept them. The situation that we are experiencing now will not last for ever. Those who can endure and move on will surely be the winners.

Ali Al Aradi, Dubai

Poor animals left in the lurch

It's sad to hear about the sudden closure of Paws Pet Planet in Dubai (Dubai dog park closes, leaving staff and animals in limbo, March 26). I dislike people who start projects like this and then make a mess of it. If this person had to return to the UK, she should have made proper arrangements for someone else to take over, not just close and run off.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

I hope someone can help financially so that the staff can keep doing what they love. It’s important because it was also a shelter for rescued dogs.

Susan Van Der Riet, Abu Dhabi

I hope the matter will be investigated and the necessary action taken.

Sharlene L Smith Cardozo, Dubai

Job-seekers must be careful

I was sad to read the report Warning to UAE job-seekers about bogus recruitment scams (March 27).

On many occasions, job-seekers are compelled to pay huge sums as agency fees. These agencies are not always legal.

The authorities need to keep track of these agencies that operate online, while job-seekers ought to exercise diligence to avoid getting duped.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman