Schools are taking care of Arabic lessons

A reader says efforts are being made to spark interest in Arabic among children. Other topics: accident, Yemen, Emirati culture

Efforts are on to fuel interest in Arabic among children, a reader says. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National
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Thank you for shining a light on a critical topic (How we can encourage the use of standard Arabic, October 16).

I would like to mention the great work being done at Emirates National Schools and others through intensive professional development, adoption of the new literature-based curriculum (based on Dr Hanada Taha’s Arabic language standards) and the introduction of benchmark assessments.

These are creative solutions that will be implemented over many years. Success will not come overnight. It will come through sustained effort.

Mimi J, Abu Dhabi

How to deal with rash driving

Another unforgivable yet completely avoidable and tragic loss of life (Four dead, one injured in two-vehicle crash in Sharjah, October 16). When will this madness end? The goal to eradicate dangerous, selfish and careless driving from our roads has been set for 2020. I can't wait.

Name withheld by request

Bring in the UK points system and ban rash drivers for a year. We also need more police patrol cars on the roads. This is just another senseless accident like countless others this year that’s destroyed a whole family. May the souls of the victims rest in peace.

William H Prinsloo, Abu Dhabi

Many more police patrols on the road are needed along with fines that really hurt. Otherwise nothing will change.

Wiltrud Matthes, Dubai

There is no awareness of how seat belts can save lives either. Not that they would have much chance as they were in a head-on collision. This is another avoidable road tragedy. May their souls rest in peace.

Sam A Sam, Abu Dhabi

Yet another case of someone putting others’ lives in danger by his selfish act. It’s so sad that a whole family perished in the accident. May they all rest in peace.

Christina Murphy, Abu Dhabi

I only wish that people would use their common sense while driving.

Dina Majid, Dubai

Houthis must be eliminated

I was sad to learn about the death of another Emirati soldier in Yemen (Emirati soldier dies guarding charity workers in Yemen, October 18). The soldier was killed while safeguarding charity workers.

It shows that the job of the coalition to drive away terrorists from Yemen is far from over. They will not be able to ensure the safety of civilians until they clear the area of Houthis.

I hope the coalition succeed in their mission to end the suffering of Yemenis. I also hope that soldiers safely return to their homes after their duty is over.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Need to bridge the cultural gap

Well done Mozah Al Samah (My UAE: Bridging the culture gap with Mozah Al Samahi, October 16). I wish there were more women like her. I think it's a fantastic idea to discuss Emirati culture with expatriates. I wish her good luck in getting a job in a university or school, where she can help children to develop an understanding of Emirati culture.

Angela Pop, Dubai

I think Ms Al Samah’s idea to educate expatriates about Emirati culture by hosting regular meetings on the subject is a good one.

I have been in Abu Dhabi for more than 40 years and I have experienced a lack of understanding about the Emirati culture among expatriates.

Laila Javed Pai, Abu Dhabi