Ramadan beggars must be checked

After this crash, stringent safety regulations must be enforced on passenger buses

With reference to your story Ramadan beggars are taking scams online, police warn (June 12), we must take care and pay attention to this kind of dangerous situation and, at the first sign of trouble, we should report these people to the authorities.

Asyah Elisabeth Meel, Abu Dhabi

Please support Red Crescent

I urge everyone in the UAE to support the Red Crescent. You can help by buying the vouchers at their stands in practically every shopping mall (Red Crescent chief tells of Hamas betrayal while delivering aid in Gaza, June 12).

And then, of course, there are collection booths to take your clothing, sheets, even travel bags and other things. All those things that are in good and clean condition are sent to refugee camps, where they are very much needed.

Brigitte Tibet von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Extremists will never triumph

I refer to Faisal Al Yafai’s column ISIL may have a far darker strategy up their sleeve for Europe (June 13). Europe made a mistake to let all those refugees in.

As for ISIL, they are not very smart. We shall beat them.

Europeans are fearless, we will not get thundered over by a group of good-for-nothing terrorists.

Name withheld by request

Yas, I like this new resort

Yas Island is beautiful now and when this project is finished it will be amazing (Hilton targets 2019 opening of its 641-room Abu Dhabi Yas Island resort, June 12).

Angela Pop, Abu Dhabi

When we arrived in Abu Dhabi in 2007, Yas Island was nothing but sand.

Name withheld by request Pesticides are a real bugbear

Thank you Rym Ghazal for your research regarding the importance of insects in Islam (Creatures of the Quran: insects and bugs, June 4).

It is unfortunate that the West tends to rely heavily on chemical control rather than integrated pest management, which involves using beneficial pollinators and predatory insects to correct an ecological imbalance.

Donald Trump removed Barack Obama’s ban on chlorpyrifos, a dangerous pesticide that causes severe and permanent brain damage in children. We need to work together to get dangerous pesticides, herbicides and fungicides out of our food system.

Lucy Howard, US

Why did they have to fight?

It is extremely disappointing that adults behave in this way (Woman left with eye injury as flatmates fought over messy apartment, June 12).

I can only imagine how disorganised their apartment must have been. This was an issue that should have been resolved amicably, instead of resorting to fist fighting.

These women must be ashamed of their behaviour for having fought over such a basic thing. It’s just sad that some people like to live in a mess.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Amazing eyes, incredible photo

What a beautiful face (A look into Pakistan through the lens of photographer Sohail Karmani, June 12). I wonder what his heritage is? Our DNA is all connected somehow, somewhere. Those blue eyes are amazing.

Name withheld by request

Diet and fitness are so important

In my experience controlling diets and taking sufficient exercise is better than medicine (Expat who defeated diabetes is inspiring others through her blog, June 11) . For Type 2 diabetes, diet and regular exercise is the most effective medicine.

Kamrul Islam, Dubai

Beware of outsiders

I write in reference to your story Site claiming to be Abu Dhabi daily published false quotes from leader, June 11.

Outsiders are trying to undermine the unity among the Gulf Co-operation Council nations and the brotherly bond between the people.

Mohammed Farhad, Sharjah