Marine life in the Gulf faces a grave threat

A reader expresses concern over the health of the UAE's marine environment. Other topics: internet celebrity, millennials, soft skills, Fatima Al Qubaisi, visa problem

A reader conveys concern over the health of marine life. Courtesy Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi
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With regard to your story People need to get under the waves to understand the marine life they're losing, experts say (October 22), the ever-increasing salinity means that the Gulf, particularly in built-up areas or near desalination plants, is becoming less hospitable for marine life.

I’m afraid this environmental issue will only become worse as the population and need for fresh water increase.

Matthew Bocock, Abu Dhabi

What’s the fuss over looks?

I refer to the story A Pakistani chai wala's gaze creates a window into the nation's soul (October 21). It's a sheer case of sexism, objectification and stereotyping.

Harassing a tea seller for his looks is just as problematic as harassing a waitress.

Salman Khan, India

This isn’t the only such case. Many young Pakistanis are handsome. So what’s the fuss about a “chai wala” having good looks? Is there any reason to think that only rich people can be good looking?

Yaseen Yousafzai, Dubai

I hope this young man gets an opportunity to pursue his education and improve his life.

Sarah Broom, Dubai

Millennials face great pressure

Although research suggests that two in five under-35s live for today because thrift is throttling them (Millennials are misled by instant gratification, October 22), I don't think thrift is the problem. Rather, it's huge student debt and fewer opportunities.

University fees have increased well beyond inflation and wages have not. I know many millennials living very thrifty lives and achieving fantastic goals despite the odds.

People need to stop blaming millennials for where they are and look at the big picture. It’s a very different world.

Daniella How, Abu Dhabi

Learning soft skills is crucial

Teaching soft skills to children is a must in today's educational environment (Without a focus on teaching soft skills, we risk an unprepared generation, October 21).

This prepares them for life as adults. They will acquire foundational listening, critical thinking and communication skills, learn how to express themselves, and how to work and follow directions.

In addition, they will learn how to be an effective team member and how to lead others.

Connie Moore, US

Teaching needs to be brought into the 21st century across the board, from early years right up to degree level.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

Emirati women make us proud

I congratulate Fatima Al Qubaisi on her achievement (UAE Portrait of a Nation: First Emirati woman to join Harvard law school, October 21).

Young Emirati women are capable of doing so much when given the opportunity. The more the opportunities for women in professional fields the better. That will make the world a more peaceful place.

Gillian Brain, Abu Dhabi

Congratulations to Ms Al Qubaisi. This is an achievement for Emirati women.

Mensura Lejlic, US

Visa refusal to patient is cruel

I am appalled at the cruelty of the people who refused to issue a visa for Maria Ullah and her parents (Time running out for ailing Pakistan girl waiting for a US visa, October 22). If the authorities are really worried that the family will refuse to leave after the treatment, they can issue a visa to only one parent at a time. To save a child's life it is worth such a small risk.

Name withheld by request