Ties between the UAE and Japan go back a long way

Readers discuss Shinzo Abe's visit, Yemen, lost possessions and Abu Dhabi

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, left,  waves with his wife Akie Abe while boarding his plane before departure for the Middle Eastern countries, at Haneda international airport in Tokyo Sunday, April 29, 2018. (Yukie Nishizawa/Kyodo News via AP)
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I write in reference to your article Japanese leader's visit to UAE aims to strengthen economic ties (April 29): Mina Aldroubi's piece was a very interesting read. The visit to the UAE of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will certainly strengthen the economic ties between these two strong nations. The UAE and Japan already have a good trading relationship, built over a number of decades.

Take automobiles for instance; the Japanese Toyota Corolla is widely used in the UAE, both by foreign residents and taxi drivers.

Trade between the two countries is likely to increase further. The UAE is a very accommodating nation, hosting people from all over the world. It is one of the main reasons that world leaders choose to visit the UAE so often.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

When will Iran stop meddling in Yemen’s brutal war?

In reference to your front page splash Houthi leaders killed in Yemen air strike (April 29): this unwarranted war must come to an end as soon as possible and sane government must be restored in Yemen. The Houthi rebels must realise that bloodshed is simply not the solution to any problem, and so should Iran, which is the prime aggressor behind this dreadful war. It is time Iranian President Hassan Rouhani acted to stop this war and save innocent lives.

Name withheld by request

Abu Dhabi: more than just a wealthy pitstop for many

In reference to your article Abu Dhabi has become a home very far away from home for many expats (April 29): I agree wholeheartedly. Indeed the very thought of returning to the rain and darkness nine months of the year in a city like Vancouver, where people do not enjoy themselves but just exist to work and pay taxes, makes me feel physically ill.

Saira Aslam, Abu Dhabi

Kind messages for those who lost belongings at sea

I write in reference to your article UAE expats lose hope as belongings confirmed lost in dramatic ship collision (April 29): the video of all those containers filled with precious belongings falling into the ocean was hard to watch, and I don't even own anything on the ship.

Hopefully the shipping company will do the right thing and reimburse the owners for all the treasured belongings so painfully lost.

Donna Price, Texas

We are about to ship all of our things from Vancouver to Abu Dhabi and this kind of situation absolutely terrifies me.

Cheralyn Coles, Vancouver