The pandemic is boosting the staycation trend

Our readers have their say about staycations, agritech, running and social distancing

Many UAE hotels have launched resident staycation deals and summer discounts this year. Atlantis The Palm

I write to you in reference to Janice Rodrigues' piece 10 summer staycation deals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: from late check-out to hotel credit (June 4). Unfortunately it is too hot for me to enjoy staying outside, but I wish all those who do go on a staycation in the UAE to have a lot of fun. Everyone deserves it.

Dulce Veludo Peinado, Dubai

Greening the desert will be useful for the future

With regard to your editorial Desert agriculture will be a driver of the UAE's post-pandemic strategy (June 4): this is such good news. I hope the UAE will bloom like a flower thanks to this green initiative.

Karine Poghosyan, Yerevan, Armenia

This was an interesting read. As the editorial rightly points out, new technologies in agriculture go a long way to secure a country's future. It would be wise to continue on this innovative path even after the pandemic has gone. Across the world we need to rethink the sourcing and production of our food supplies. It was a good piece.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Covid-19 gym closures have got people running outside

Regarding Sophie Prideaux's article How the pandemic inspired a new wave of runners around the world (June 3): evidently this trend has to do with the closure of gyms all around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. People have needed to be creative in order to exercise daily and stay fit and continue to do so.

Dana Hurrell, Sharjah

I urge runners to be cautious. Running on concrete can hurt your hip, knee and ankle joints, especially if you are prone to health problems in these areas.

Laila Lallas, Dubai

Has the pandemic proven that socialising is overrated?

Regarding a video that was shared on The National's Facebook page with the caption Dubai reopened its shopping malls (June 3): even companies are nowadays realising that meetings done in person are overrated. You can achieve everything through video calls.

Touhid Ahmed, Dubai

I disagree with Mr Ahmed. How should a 4-year-old make up for spending time playing with his or friends outdoors? This cannot be done by video-calling them. It is not the same thing as actually being outside with your friends. Children need social interaction.

Nora Farcreek, Abu Dhabi