That new Lamborghini looks very familiar to my eyes

The new Lamborghini Urus. AFP
The new Lamborghini Urus. AFP

I refer to Lambo’s new 4x4 could lift its profits by 50 per cent (December 6). It is a crossover without doubt ... and it’s a crossover between a Lexus SUV and a Porsche Cayenne, at least to my eyes anyway.

Erik W Plante, Malaysia

Your ‘smart’ column gave me plenty of food for thought

This refers to the opinion article Smart Government and the UAE: the happiness of citizens is the ultimate goal (December 6), written by your columnist Dr Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi. It is fair to say that a responsible government has many roles to play in the well-being and development of a country. Alongside economic progress, giving its people an equal chance and a stake in the fundamentals of daily living is key, particularly when it comes to health care and happiness.

Education is also a key component of progress. The right choice is for people to embrace a culture of learning within their community and fully commit to education. In order for a society to reach its potential, the frequent and persistent involvement of top level administration is vital. It is also critical that these directives are conveyed through the right channel at the right time.

Ramachandaran Nair, Oman

New tax is an invitation to retailers to put prices up

In reference to your story Price displayed, must include VAT, says ministry (December 6), I would prefer it if the tax was displayed as a separate item, so I know what I am paying for something before VAT. In the US and Canada, the tax is always expressed as a separate item. The rule here could create a situation where some retailers fudge the real cost of their goods and try to hide price hikes from their customers under the cover of tax.

Moaz Bhutta, India

The United Nations needs to do more for the Rohingya

I refer to your online story UN: Myanmar possibly guilty of genocide against Rohingya (December 6). The UN is an extremely ineffective body, it should be dismantled.

Kristina Margit, UK

People should stop buying into false narratives

This refers to your story Islamic scholars ‘failing to change the ISIL narrative’ (December 6). Islam is peace. A part of the world wants to destroy the religion Islam, but most Muslims want to show that Islam is a religion of peace.

Aysah E Meel, Abu Dhabi

We should look at the way Japan recycles waste

In reference to Leading by example: Dubai Crown Prince spends day cleaning seabed of rubbish (December 6), it is time to start waste recycling throughout the country. A lot can be done at the household level to help and encourage waste segregation and recycling. The Japanese way of waste collection and processing is an ideal model to follow.

Evelyn S Cruz, Abu Dhabi

Published: December 6, 2017 05:20 PM


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