India's farmers must be heard

A farmer holds a placard during a nationwide general strike to protest against the recent agricultural reforms at the Delhi-Haryana state border in Singhu on December 8, 2020.  / AFP / Sajjad HUSSAIN

Our readers have their say on farmers' protests, life after vaccines and the importance of training our minds

With regard to Tanya Dutta's report Canada's Trudeau backs farmer protest in India (December 2): farmers of North India, particularly the states of Punjab and Haryana, are fiercely proud of their heritage and contributions. Every Punjabi family has a member in the armed forces. Punjab and Haryana are the granaries of India, growing wheat, rice, maize, sugar cane, etc.

The farmers from these states have laid siege to India’s capital Delhi to protest against new laws. These laws allow corporations to play a role in procuring food grain directly from farmers.

So far, farmers have sold their produce through wholesale markets that were state sponsored and the farmers were assured a minimum support price. The new laws were passed without discussions in the Indian Parliament.

It was unfortunate that water cannons and teargas were deployed against them on their journeys to Delhi. After all, farmers are simple citizens. They are not criminals or terrorists. It is time for the government to talk to them and resolve issues.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

In the wait for a vaccine, patience will pay off

Regarding HA Hellyer's op-ed The Covid-19 vaccines will not be the only good to have come out of 2020 (December 8): this was a good read. The author put it nicely – there may be some change in the behaviour of people in 2021 after the arrival of the vaccines but nothing will happen overnight and we must continue to be patient even if it takes many more months. People will have their turn but priority should rightfully be given to the millions of healthcare workers and the ones most vulnerable.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Therapy to stop ageing? Interesting but wouldn't sign up for it

With reference to your article Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy stop ageing? (December 8): while the headline caught my attention and the results described certainly hold appeal, I would never consider having any kind of medical treatment – much less one that purports to alter my genes.

Elan Fabbri, Dubai

Look at the bright side of life

Regarding the report by Shuchita Gautam and Ramola Talwar Badam Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi residents tell of receiving Sinopharm vaccine shot (December 9): the optimism of the couples in this article is heartening. When we have our physical health, the world is open to us. People tend to forget the tremendous potential in each of us. We must choose to nurture that potential and give up negativity. No one should be influenced more by what others say than by what our own hearts tell us.

When we are fit, physically and mentally, we can train our minds to have healthy patterns of self respect and a positive outlook.

Experiences is a great teacher. Despite the hardships of Covid-19 – indeed, also because of Covid-19 – this year has taught us a lot. We must develop belief in ourselves to break out of the spells of limitation. That is how we nourish our self worth and come to realise our immense potential. It is a great gift and it is available to us all.

Lamiya Siraj, Abu Dhabi