Credit to the leadership for Ajman field hospital

Our readers have their say on prioritising workers' health, crediting Ajman hospitals and a war veteran, the fluctuations in oil prices and condolences to a family in Dubai

Foreign workers stand in line as they wait to be checked for the novel coronavirus at a testing centre in the Al Quaz area of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, on April 18, 2020. / AFP / KARIM SAHIB
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In reference to Salam Al Amir's report Fifty-bed field hospital opens in Ajman for Covid-19 patients (April 20): thank you to the leaders for this decision. Your benevolence and resolve to care for all people is inspiring. God bless you.

Joyce Azavedo, Dubai

Rooting for blue-collar workers and giving them attention and care

With reference to The National editorial Recognition and support for UAE working class (April 21): thank you for this article.

Vivienne Mianne M, Kampala, Uganda

I agree with the article. All those employees who are travelling and still working from office, site, field etc need special care and attention from the companies. They deserve our appreciation.

Manisha Singh, Dubai 

Silence the alarm: oil will climb back up, this slip is temporary
Regarding Jennifer Gnana's report What are negative oil prices and how do they impact markets? (April 21): this is temporary and will be back to normal by Wednesday when May prices are applicable. West Texas is a group of private producers and not a bench mark like Brent which is holding above 25 for now. The issue is investors who have no buyers and have no means to store the oil they have.

Nasser Al Kharusi, Dubai

Appreciation for war veteran and "one-man fundraising machine"

About Simon Rushton and Jack Dutton's report Second World War veteran, 99, who raised £27m for UK health workers, continues his brush with fame (April 20): once a soldier always soldier. I am a proud son of a soldier.

Sarfaraz Mian, Malaysia 

He’s from my hometown Keighley. What a hero!

Ellen Summers Firth, Dubai 

Coronavirus death: condolences to the father in Dubai

With reference to Ruba Haza's report Coronavirus: Tributes paid to 'kind' Dubai father who died after contracting Covid-19 (April 20): I am so sorry to read about this. RIP. I did not know him but it is sad and my condolences to the family.
Qurat Ul Ain Imtiaz, Dubai 

He was the IT director in my previous company. I am very sad to hear this.
Athar Hussain, Abu Dhabi 

I knew him. He was a great person.

Atif Khalid, Calgary, Alberta