Black Friday deals are irresistable

The popularity of Black Friday deals is spreading all over the world, a reader says. Other topics: Mental health, Fidel Castro, nuclear science, driving

Black Friday deals have become popular all over the world, a reader says. Richard Lautens / Getty Images
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Regarding your editorial, Black Friday deals? (November 27), the annual American shopping festival has arrived in Canada too. This is an American event that really did not need to grow beyond the borders of the United States.

The “buy nothing day” boycott is something I used to actively participate in.

Full disclosure, I too fought the crowds at a local mega mall. It is hard to protest against something that you are taking part in.

Owen Neale, Iraq

An inspiring confession

It's very refreshing to have a man in such a male orientated culture admit his feelings (Mental health in the UAE: Khalid Al Ameri on why it's good to talk about your problems, November 23). Never feel ashamed to express how you feel, whether you are a man or a woman. We can all face similar situations as the author. I have been there, too.

Rachel-Beth Awad, UK

I admire the courage of the author for sharing his story in the media.

Ro BintHala, Abu Dhabi

It’s a very inspiring. Great to see people breaking what may be perceived as taboos.

Hanka Karwinski, Abu Dhabi

End of an era as Castro dies

Fidel Castro's death brings an era to an end (Fidel Castro was an iconic figure from another era, November 27). Castro was loved and despised in equal measure.

He was a symbol of resistance against western imperialist oppression, although he was an oppressor himself.

Whatever he was, there is no denying that he will continue to live on in our memory for many years.

James Ralno, Dubai

Those who see Castro’s death as an opportunity to end communism in Cuba are mistaken. He already transferred power years ago in an unusually peaceful transition. No one protested then. It’s hard to imagine anyone will do so now.

The only hope is to build a middle class in Cuba that will eventually move for a better government. US president Barack Obama’s effort to normalise relations with Cuba is the first step towards that goal.

Name withheld by request

A career women prefer

Regarding the article Women leading the way in nuclear medicine in UAE (November 23), back home in Canada, I know quite a few women in nuclear medicine. I wonder if it appeals more to women as a career than men.

Logan de la Fish, Dubai

It is interesting to know that women here are at par with their male counterparts in the field of nuclear medicine.

It is heartening that more women are opting for this field despite the challenges. It is indeed a proud moment for the country.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Where is the common sense?

I wonder why car pile-ups like this have to happen at least once every winter (Drivers urged to avoid speeding in bad weather, November 22). I have been in this country for almost five years and I do not remember a year when a car pile-up did not happen due to foggy weather.

I have lived in countries where foggy conditions are normal in winter. But I have never come across such accidents. One factor could be that people here are not used to this type of weather, which is why rain poses a similar danger to drivers. But that is no excuse.

Common sense tells us that we need to be extra cautious while driving in inclement weather – drivers need to slow down, switch on fog lights, maintain a safe distance, not use mobiles or blinkers. All this is ignored by many drivers here.

Name withheld by request