A display of strong Emirati community spirit

Our readers have their say on the funeral of an American Muslim woman in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia's football win, Thanksgiving and a crime that has shaken India

John Mitchell who lost his mother, at his home in Abu Dhabi. Khushnum Bhandari / The National
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A display of strong Emirati community spirit

With reference to the report by Shuchita Gautam and Shireena Al Nowais Hundreds attend funeral of elderly American woman who died in Abu Dhabi (November 21): This is a very touching story.

Ahmed Amir, Hyderabad, India

As a Muslim American I can’t tell you how much this warms my heart. May God bless all of those who attended and have mercy on her soul.

Daoud Shalouf, Dubai

A great win for Saudi Arabia

With reference to Mariam Nihal's article 'They came, they saw, they conquered': fans in Saudi Arabia celebrate national holiday (November 23): Saudi played really well. I’m so pleased for them.

Qast Malik, York, UK

Congratulations to my brothers and sisters from Saudi Arabia on this great match victory. They played really well and deserved to win. Love and best wishes from myself and fellow Pakistani football fans.

Yasser Ahmed, Dubai

Tightened belts at Thanksgiving

With reference to Willy Lowry's report High inflation eats into Americans' Thanksgiving dinner plans (November 23): It's very upsetting and affects families across the country. Americans are seeing hard times and I would say, largely due to the Democrats' failed economic/green new deal, energy policies.

Kadie Cochrane, Ohio, US

A horrific crime in India calls for stronger laws

With regard to Taniya Dutta's article Indian chef Aftab Ameen Poonawala confesses to murdering and dismembering his girl friend (November 22): this murder has shaken the county. For the past fortnight, it has been sensational news in the capital with the media analysing angles of what led to such a horrific crime. The accused used to beat her often. She feared for her life, as she wrote in an earlier police complaint before he took her life. And while there is the domestic violence angle, the cause for this murder is yet to be known, even though the accused has admitted guilt and mentioned it happening in the "heat of the moment".

What is also shocking is the number of gruesome crimes in recent months. Indian society needs to introspect and fix the problem before more such inhuman acts take place or become the norm. Poonawala should be punished severely. This case ought to serve as an eye opener for others even considering resorting to such barbarism. Human lives are precious and no one has got the right to kill. Criminals will be deterred if the country implements strong judicial measures.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: November 25, 2022, 3:00 AM