Kuwait Emir urges transparency from new government

Sheikh Meshal calls for 'serious, responsible work' after accusations of disputes between cabinet members and MPs

Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Meshal. He has called on ministers to finalise development and economic projects. Mohamed Al Hammadi / UAE Presidential Court
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Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Meshal on Wednesday urged the new government to act with transparency, after he dissolved the National Assembly following weeks of political tension.

On Monday, Sheikh Meshal approved a new government after suspending some articles of the constitution following “interference” from politicians.

He urged cabinet members to be transparent in their actions in light of disputes and accusations of corruption between them and MPs.

“We affirm that we are in a new phase of serious, responsible work and continuous, unlimited giving to our homeland,” Sheikh Meshal said.

He also called on the new ministers to enact reforms that would benefit the country and finalise development and economic projects.

The remarks were made at a ceremony where Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al Abdullah Al Sabah and 13 cabinet ministers were sworn in.

He called on the government to “accelerate the implementation of long-awaited strategic development projects”, and ensure transparency in public spending.

Sheikh Meshal made the ministers responsible for developing the economy and investing in human capital and innovation to achieve sustainability.

Ministers of the previous government were accused by MPs of corruption, while the cabinet has blamed parliament for obstructing reforms.

Sheikh Meshal said those who “fail to perform their work” would be held accountable.

Elections were held in Kuwait on April 4 and, according to the constitution, a new government must be formed within two weeks.

However, tensions between members of the government and MPs have caused delays in the process, as has often been the case in the country.

Updated: May 16, 2024, 3:38 PM