Male patients top US plastic surgeons list on UAE visit

Dr George Lefkovits, a Manhattan-based cosmetic surgeon, was recently consulting in the UAE. The largest amount of referrals he received was from male clients.
Dr George Lefkovits performs cosmetic surgery at the BodywoRx Aesthetic Clinic. Satish Kumar / The National
Dr George Lefkovits performs cosmetic surgery at the BodywoRx Aesthetic Clinic. Satish Kumar / The National

Dr George Lefkovits – a Manhattan-based cosmetic surgeon – was recently consulting at the BodywoRx Aesthetics clinic in Abu Dhabi. Interestingly, the largest amount of referrals he received was from male clients.

What are the most common concerns that male clients come to you with?

Men are as vain as women. They are concerned about their nose, ageing eyelids, and face and neck. They are also bothered by their stomach and waist area, as well as enlarged breasts – a condition known as gynecomastia. Men also come for non-invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers, as well as laser hair removal. Unlike women, they usually do not request plumping up their lips.

Tell us a bit about the laser treatment that you offer to the facial area – why is it so popular with Asian and Arab men?

We find that Arab men in particular book in for the laser hair removal for shaping of their facial hair and beard. Keeping this area neatly groomed is of great importance in Middle Eastern culture and laser hair removal means not having to worry so much about daily maintenance and shaving. However, we are also asked for laser hair removal in many other areas of the body too, such as back, abdomen, chest, arms, neck, eyebrows and even ears.

Is it still a taboo for a man to get cosmetic surgery done, or is this perception changing?

Like most things in life, what may have been taboo yesterday is no longer taboo today. Men have “come out of the closet” in seeking aesthetic surgery. Men are just as vain as women, if not more so. Today with the emphasis on looking good, as is conveyed in the media, men feel they also have the right to undergo aesthetic enhancement whether it be through non-invasive procedures or through cosmetic surgery. But men are more comfortable when they see only men in the waiting room. They feel more “macho” if they see other men around.

Don’t you think that, perhaps, in a lot of cases, what is needed is a gym membership instead of surgical procedures?

While going to the gym is something that every healthy individual should commit to, it is not a substitute for cosmetic surgery. No amount of crunches can replace liposuction. Areas of accumulated fat, such as around the abdomen and waist, will not respond to exercise. Some of my patients who have tried going to the gym four to five times a week and spent a lot of money on trainers, have grown frustrated and have finally turned to liposuction for definitive -correction.

What advice would you give to a man who is considering a -procedure?

Men who are seeking cosmetic surgery should seek out a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in performing male plastic surgery. Men have a different anatomy and expect a different surgical result, whether it is rhinoplasty or liposuction. Men want to maintain their masculinity; therefore this experience from their chosen surgeon is vital, as it ensures that features are not left “feminised” in any shape or form.

How often do you plan to come to the UAE and when will you be back again?

The reception I have had since consulting and operating at BodywoRx in Abu Dhabi has left me feeling like I am providing a real service to the population here. Patients have been grateful for my expertise and have expressed real appreciation. As of now, I plan to visit Abu Dhabi every six to eight weeks. Due to my busy practice in New York, I cannot come more often.


Dr Lefkovits consults and operates in Abu Dhabi exclusively at BodywoRx Aesthetics clinic. He also offers “virtual” consultations to UAE clients in between visits. Visit

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Published: June 16, 2013 04:00 AM


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