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Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 28 February 2021

Coronavirus: where to buy face masks and gloves online in the UAE

These five e-commerce sites still have the protective items in stock

With the news that residents in the UAE must now wear a mask and gloves to go outside, many will be wondering where they can find such items without stepping foot out of the house.

While many pharmacies around the Emirates have disposable surgical masks and latex gloves in store, if you need to get your hands on the protective items from home, there are still options available online.

Shipping times do vary, with sites giving warnings that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic could affect delivery.

Here are five major websites that still have gloves and masks in stock, as well as a hyperlocal option.


Disposable surgical masks appear to have sold out on the e-commerce site, but this simple fabric option is available for Dh6.85, or this sponge mask for Dh10.50. While it may not be medical grade, even basic masks offer some protection and could prevent the spread of germs from coughing, says health sector spokeswoman Dr Farida Al Hosani. The website also stocks a number of windproof face masks designed for outdoor sports, which offer basic protection for the nose and mouth. does not currently appear to stock any latex gloves except for those typically used for household chores.


Surgical masks on
Surgical masks on

The UAE site stocks a number of disposable surgical masks, such as this set of 50 for Dh74.89. Amazon also has reusable dustproof masks with carbon filters, typically designed for tasks such as woodworking, for Dh81.90. It is worth noting, however, that many of the site's options are shipped internationally, meaning customers in the UAE have a longer wait time until they arrive. also has latex gloves still in stock, as well as nitrile examination gloves (from Dh45) and vinyl disposable gloves in packs of 100 (Dh44.70).


The hypermarket's online portal stocks a number of fabric anti-dust face masks, such as these two: a panda face and a white option with cartoon fangs. When it comes to gloves, Carrefour only has fabric or sporting options available online, as well as household varieties.


The e-commerce site stocks a number of disposable surgical face masks, such as this 50-mask pack of three-ply face coverings for Dh101. You can also find washable sponge masks from Dh128, though the site does warn delivery times may vary during the pandemic. Ubuy stocks packs of 100 disposable latex gloves for Dh80.


This shipping website has a number of surgical face masks in stock, such as this pack of 50 for Dh137, but the vast majority of options are delivered from the US, with a wait time of at least 15 days. The same goes for latex gloves, although projected wait times are closer to a week.


Use this delivery app to check pharmacies and stores in your local area to see if they stock masks and gloves that can be sent to your home. Plus Point in Dubai Marina, for example, is offering single masks for Dh3 or a pack of 50 for Dh126 via InstaShop.

Updated: April 5, 2020 05:05 PM

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