Top five: American celebrities behind bars

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Robert Downey Jr and OJ Simpson have one thing in common - a fondness for orange jumpsuits.

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The star of the Blade trilogy, Wesley Snipes, has been ordered by a judge to hand himself over to authorities in Florida so that he can begin his three-year jail term for tax evasion. Here are five other celebs who have served jail time.

Take Five... Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress was released from prison three days into a 45-day sentence for violating a driving ban while on probation. But when a judge subsequently ruled that she had to serve her full sentence in jail, she was famously dragged sobbing from court. She ended up serving just over half of her sentence.

Take Four... Lindsay Lohan

The once-popular actress seems to have developed a taste for jail, having donned those flattering orange prison jumpsuits four times in as many years.

Take Three... Nicole Richie

Given her one-time friendship with Hilton and Lohan, it might not come as a suprise to hear that the reality TV star was also jailed, in 2007, for driving under the influence.

Take Two... Robert Downey Jr

The indecently charming star of Iron Man has cleaned up his act now, but landed himself in jail twice during the 1990s.

Take One... OJ Simpson

He may have been acquitted the first time he saw himself in court, but the second time around it was a different story. Charged with armed robbery in 2008, the footballer-turned-actor is currently serving a possible 33-year sentence, with the possibility of parole in 2017.