New Nissan Patrol breaks cover in global launch at Abu Dhabi venue

The most popular SUV in the Middle East made its return before a packed house in the UAE capital

Drivers of smaller cars might have mixed feelings about the Nissan Patrol, particularly if one is driving behind them at speed on the motorway, but many need no persuading about the virtues of the brand. Now, these devotees have reason to feel a fresh surge of love for the Middle East’s favourite SUV as the 2020 model has just had its global launch in Abu Dhabi.

The new model, which is being marketed under the motto ‘conquer everywhere’, was unveiled to a packed house at the Park Hyatt on Saadiyat Island, with key personnel from Nissan’s worldwide team shipped in for the occasion.

And one and all were keen to emphasise they were keeping true to the traditional formula with the 2020 version.

It’s not a massive step forward with regard to how the vehicle looks, but the designers have instituted a few key changes. It’s both stronger and more sophisticated, they say, and it all starts with the new ‘V-motion’ grille at the front.

You can now also get two different bumper designs, one for those who are likely to keep their vehicles in inner city environments and another specifically geared towards the roughest off-road antics.

The lines at the front have been softened, and there is now a distinctive, square-ish C-shape to the front and rear LED headlights (they keep trying to get us to refer to these as ‘night-time signatures’ but anyone who does so should be made to write out 10,000 times ‘I must not use marketing speak’). This is worth mentioning though as it’s set to become a key Nissan style feature.

The 2020 model’s interior has been completely reworked. There is an upgraded centre console that incorporates dual displays with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, and a new seat-stitching design.

Perhaps more important for potential buyers in the Middle East though is the assertion that there have been significant reductions in noise and vibration, and improved cooling and air flow distribution systems allow for quicker cabin heat reduction.

Most will not be aware how long the Patrol has been with us – it made its debut in 1951 and is Nissan’s longest-running name plate. The company says it has sold around 1.9 million Patrols in that time.

The vehicles assembled before the launch crowd are now off for a three-day trek around the UAE, to really put them through their paces.

The new Nissan Patrol will be available at dealers across the Middle East from Wednesday, September 25, 2019, at a starting price of Dh199,900 (inclusive of 5 per cent VAT), with the most expensive model setting you back Dh329,000.

Published: September 24, 2019 05:23 PM


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