Go Gear: Motoring-themed purses

Lady petrolheads can wear their allegiance proudly, too, with these purses.
License plate bag. Dh920. shop.littleearth.com
License plate bag. Dh920. shop.littleearth.com

Girls will be green with envy

Buckle up as this carefully crafted car handbag is going to blow you away. This intricate green Route 66 bag features carry handles, a shoulder strap and a mobile phone pocket inside as well as a zipped pocket. It may not be a Maserati but it certainly has character and a classic chassis. Dh185. Check out www.returntothe50sstore.com.

California dreaming

If you believe Katy Perry, California girls are unforgettable, but we reckon it could be more to do with their handbags than anything else, certainly if they're carrying about one of these funky number plate bags. Made from genuine, recycled number plates, these handbags come in a variety of shapes from many US states. Dh920. shop.littleearth.com.

Simply bagnificent

Sometimes simplicity is the best option when it comes to fashion accessories and this bag definitely falls in that bracket. A classic car design on a black-and-white tote bag doesn't need any added frills. And the good news is that the price is simple as well. At only Dh60, it's simply impossible to say no. Visit EKO Originals store on www.ebay.com.


Published: July 28, 2011 04:00 AM