In pictures: Dubai's Jumeirah and Kite beach running track reopens to the public

The seven-kilometre stretch of track is now open for runners and walkers

Slowly but surely, Dubai is beginning to reopen some of its most popular sites, allowing residents to enjoy the city again.

The latest reopening will be welcomed by runners and walkers alike, as Kite Beach’s popular running track is now back in service.

Starting near the Burj Al Arab and passing through Kite Beach, stretching all the way down to Jumeirah 1, the seven-kilometre track is one of Dubai’s most scenic routes. It also has an all-important sea breeze.

The running track has a soft-surface and distance markers.

The track had been closed in line with coronavirus safety measures taken across the city, and while the public beaches along the track remain closed, visitors are now able to make use of the running path again.

Social distancing rules still apply, with all runners and walkers asked to keep a two-metre distance, and ensure face masks are worn correctly, covering the nose and mouth.

Plenty of Dubai residents made use of the newly opened track at the weekend, and regular patrols were carried out by police and security guards to ensure measures were being adhered to.

Other relaxed measures announced in Dubai last week allowed parks and hotel beaches to reopen, as well as some sporting centres to allow cycling, water sports and skydiving.