How to dry-clean your own curtains

Removing stains and smells doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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If you have large, heavy curtains that are too unwieldy to take down and put in the washing machine, try dry-cleaning them yourself. Start by fully closing the curtains, then vacuum them thoroughly. Also remove any excess dirt from the rods above by running a damp cloth over them.

Next, take a big basin of warm water and add washing flakes to create lots of soap. Use the bubbles to dry-clean your fabric. This will remove any smells, but you will also have to spot clean areas that might require extra attention. Once this is done, re-vacuum your curtains and spray the back of the material with your favourite fabric spray or perfume. Make sure that your room is clean and well ventilated while you are working, and your curtains should be fully revitalised.

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