Macrobiotic diary day 2: Marinated whitefish

SHA Marinated whitefish (Courtesy: SHA Wellness Clinic)
SHA Marinated whitefish (Courtesy: SHA Wellness Clinic)

Whitefish is a fantastic source of Omega 3; the low-fat protein is also believed to have heart-beneficial minerals and properties. Check out the second recipe in our week-long macrobiotic food diary.


600g whitefish

100ml tamari (organic/gluten free soy sauce)

200ml water

50ml Sesame oil

600g onions

200g lambs lettuce

50ml apple juice

30g shiro miso

15ml vinegar umeboshi (Japanese salt plums - easily sourced from major UAE supermarkets)

25g mustard


1. Cut the whitefish into 4 equal sized fillets.

2. Mix the water, tamari and shiro miso together in a bowl.

3. Pour the liquid into a baking dish and marinate the fish for 1 hour.

4. Wrap the portions individually in tinfoil parcels along with some of the left over marinade, before placing on a baking tray.

5. Place them in a preheated over and cook at 180 degrees C for 4-5 minutes.

6. Finely slice the onion and sauté in a pan on a low heat until caramelized.

7. To make a dressing for the lamb’s leaf, mix the sesame oil, apple juice, vinegar umeboshi and mustard together.

8. Plate the dish by putting a generous mound of onions down first, topped with the whitefish. Serve with a side of lamb’s lettuce and drizzle with dressing.

For more recipes inspired by Shamadi restaurant see here, part of SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain.

Published: May 15, 2014 04:00 AM