Bubble Tea craze in the UAE?

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Move over Earl Grey, it seems there's a new tea in town. Apparently invented in the 1980s in Taiwan, bubble tea was originally made from hot black tea, tapioca pearls, condensed milk and honey. These days, you can order it warm or cold, in a number of different colours and flavours, as the image below shows.

The tea is served in a glass with a thick straw, which is used for sucking up the soft, chewy tapioca balls, thus allowing fans to "eat their drink". Bubble tea has become something of a craze in the US over the past few years and now it seems to be winging its way over here.

Bubbles and Boba is due to open in Dubai Mall in the next couple of weeks, with the promise of 30 flavours and twists such as popping pearls and fruit jelly. Its website provides more information.