Brasserie Flo to open on National Day

Brasserie Flo opens on National Day. Courtesy Brasserie Flo
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The French eatery Brasserie Flo will open on National Day at Venetian Village, located on the grounds of the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi.

Brasserie Flo is a classic French restaurant started in 1968 by Alsatian chef Jean Paul Bucher. It now has locations throughout Paris, and in Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Eindhoven and Beijing.

A team of chefs at Brasserie Flo’s newest location in Abu Dhabi will be led by French chef Sebastien Pinson who has previously cooked in South America, the Caribbean, the United States and Europe. The menu will feature fish flown in from France and dishes such as French onion soup, beef tartare and beef bourguignon (also known as beef Burgundy). Classic French desserts will include profiteroles and crepes Suzette.

From Tuesday onward, Brasserie Flo will be open daily from 6:30pm to 11pm. For reservations, call 02 404 1931.