Lulu opens first Saudi Arabia store fully staffed by women - in pictures

Group employs 3,000 Saudis including 800 women

Lulu Hypermarket has opened its first store fully staffed by women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The 37,000 square-foot express shop near King Abdul Aziz University has a staff of 103 Saudi women.

It is the 20th branch of Lulu Group in the kingdom, one of over 200 stores the company has set up across the Gulf since 2000.

The team is led by Maha Mohammed Alqarni, who is passionate about changing stereotypes around women in the workplace.

Lulu opens first all women-staff store in KSA. Courtesy Lulu

"I am very proud to be the first woman to be the general manager leading a shop of Saudi women," she said, adding that she wanted to take the opportunity to change the way women are perceived and empower them by "taking it to the next level".

Lulu Group currently employs 3,000 Saudis, including 800 women.

"This branch focuses primarily on organic products with a diverse collection of healthy food options," one of the staff told The National.

During the launch last week, Shehim Mohammed, director of Lulu Hypermarkets in Saudi Arabia, said it was the first store led by an all-female team, from the general manager to cashiers.

“It signifies our effort to empower more Saudi women in the workforce,” Mr Mohammed said.

“We are committed to providing world-class shopping and we shall continue meeting the lifestyle needs of our clientele base,” he said.

In line with Covid-19 safety and protocols, the store only permits entry with those who have downloaded the Tawakkalna app.