Web solutions are music to your ears

The Life: On the hunt for new headphones? The Life looks through some of the local offerings.

Headphones can be had in all shapes and sizes.
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When the soft plastic coating on one of my music-playing earbuds recently peeled off - leaving the tiny metallic speaker - I did as many consumers do and turned to the web.

There I found numerous people who have griped on forums and Facebook pages about similar problems with their headphones.

Some lamented broken devices from the BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion, while others seemed to have issues with the headphones that come packaged with an iPod from Apple.

So where does that leave me, and others, who are on the hunt for new headphones? With a plethora of choices, fortunately.

Jackys Electronics sells numerous models, ranging from Dh20 (US$5.45) to Dh899, with well-known brands such as JVC, Panasonic and Philips.

But prices and brands are irrelevant unless you home in on the right kind of headphones for your needs. Outdoor types who find rainy places to run, or sweat profusely while working out, may want to consider a model by Sennheiser, which has paired up with the sports brand adidas.

Together, they have developed no fewer than eight sweat and water-resistent headphones, which can clip on the ears, push into them with so-called "EarFin" technology or remain supported through a neckband. Some music lovers swear by noise-cancelling (ear-sucking) headphones, which work fine for them but would be about as comfortable to some runners as carrying along a Discman or Walkman in a pair of shorts.

Still, those who like the DJ-style look may want to consider Sony's models, a couple of which range from Dh189 to Dh349 at Jumbo Electronics.

Jumbo also markets Sennheiser's noise-cancelling PXC 300 (Dh839) as suitable for "street wear", and some reviewers have praised the model for its ability to easily fold and be carried around.