Nvidia joins forces with Hugging Face to connect developers with generative AI tools

Hugging Face will offer a new service to simplify the creation of custom generative artificial intelligence models

Powered by Nvidia DGX Cloud, the new service will be available in the coming months. Getty Images
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US-based chip company Nvidia has joined forces with Hugging Face – a collaboration platform for the global machine learning community – to connect developers with generative artificial intelligence tools.

The partnership aims to bring together “millions of developers” who are building large language models and other advanced AI applications.

The initiative will connect the “world’s largest AI community with Nvidia’s AI computing platform in the world’s leading clouds”, said Jensen Huang, founder and chief executive of Nvidia.

“Together, Nvidia AI computing is just a click away for the Hugging Face community.”

California-based Nvidia designs and manufacturers AI hardware and software graphics processing units for various industries. GPUs can process various tasks simultaneously, making them useful for machine learning, video editing and gaming applications.

As part of the latest collaboration, Hugging Face will offer a new service to simplify the creation of custom generative AI models for the enterprise.

Powered by Nvidia, the new service, DGX Cloud, will be available in the coming months, the entities said.

The DGX Cloud will allow the Hugging Face community to instantly connect with Nvidia’s AI supercomputing, providing the software and infrastructure needed to train and tune foundation models with unique data sets to build innovative LLM models.

Generative AI is currently disrupting industries across the board. A type of AI system that can generate text, images or other media, it uses neural networks to identify patterns and structures within existing data to generate new and original content.

It could add as much as $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy and will transform productivity across sectors with continued investment in the technology, a recent report by consultancy McKinsey found.

The Hugging Face platform lets developers build, train and deploy AI models using open-source resources. Anyone can share, explore, discover and experiment with open-source machine learning on this platform.

More than 15,000 organisations use the platform, and its community has shared more than 250,000 models and 50,000 data sets.

Open source software is a platform with source code that anyone can check, modify, enhance and redistribute.

“We are still only in the early days of this technology shift,” said Clement Delangue, co-founder and chief executive of Hugging Face.

“Our collaboration will bring Nvidia’s most advanced AI supercomputing to Hugging Face to enable companies to take their AI destiny into their own hands with open source to help the open-source community easily access the software and speed they need to contribute to what’s coming next.”

Updated: August 09, 2023, 9:13 AM