Mirfa development to let city residents connect with coast

Mixed-use blocks, shops and shaded paths to the surf.

A rendering of Al Wajeha Al Bahria development in Mirfa in the Western Region. Courtesy Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
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Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council (UPC) is launching the Al Wajeha Al Bahria mixed-use development in Mirfa in the Western Region to improve connections of the residential community to the region’s coastline, the council said.

Al Wajeha Al Bahria is the first project within the Mirfa master plan and the first housing and retail project in the Mirfa beach area of Al Gharbia or Western Region, UPC said in a statement.

The development, located on a site between Mirfa beach and Mirfa city, includes mixed-used blocks, villas and community facilities.

“On Al Wajeha Al Bahria, a stronger link between the residential part of the development and the natural beachfront and landscaped areas has been created through shaded pathways – we are confident that this will accentuate the living experience for its residents,” said Mohamed Al Khadar, the Executive Director of urban development and estidama sector at UPC.

“In line with community needs, the project will be a new attraction for Mirfa residents and local visitors to enjoy the amenities provided.”

The UPC is already planning the Mirfa Beach Development, also within the Mirfa master plan, which will comprise more than 400 villas for UAE nationals on a site close to Al Wajeha Al Bahria.

These projects come under the Plan Al Gharbia 2030, which include building a civic centre, a maritime centre, mosques, schools and other facilities.

The Western Region makes up 60 per cent of Abu Dhabi’s land mass and has a population of 302,000 – with about 29,000 people living in the town of Mirfa.

The redeveloped Al Mirfa Port, one of five planned as part of an economic development programme for the Western Region, was opened last week and will be followed by developments of Mugharrag Port, Delma Port, Sila Port and Sir Bani Yas Island in the Western Region next year.

Sir Bani Yas opens next year to cruise ships.

​As well as supporting traditional industry, the multi-port development is particularly aimed at fostering tourism in the western part of Abu Dhabi along the road to Saudi Arabia, with Sir Bani Yas and nearby offshore islands the site of renowned nature sanctuaries.