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Kinesis Personal is the home gym for the style-conscious

For Dh65,000, you can buy your own luxury personal gym, which can be integrated into the design of your living room.
The Kinesis machine blends into a home’s decor. Courtesy TechnoGym
The Kinesis machine blends into a home’s decor. Courtesy TechnoGym

For the more discerning and perhaps style-conscious fitness fanatic, the Kinesis Personal by TechnoGym could be the solution.

Promising the “soft workout”, the personal gym can be easily blended into a home’s decor, bringing the gym into the living room.

However, while you may save on gym membership fees, you will need to pay Dh65,000 for this piece of equipment to feature in your home.

TechnoGym, an Italian company that launched about 30 years ago in Cesena and now has a turnover exceeding €400 million (Dh1.93 billion), has provided gym equipment at five Olympic Games.

However, the Kinesis Personal, designed by the architect Antonio Citterio and his assistant Toan Nguyen, is not just a piece of gym equipment, according to the company – it is a statement of living well and staying healthy.

The sleek lines of this home gym – the shining chrome, the exquisite hand-crafted turns in the piping – give a state-of-the-art aura of quality and care. This machine will not tolerate becoming a mere hanger for yesterday’s clothes and a repository for wet towels, much like my static exercise bike. It demands respect.

Its stature also demands a serious commitment, and it does have some stature. It is 210cm in height and 170cm in width, weighing a whopping 280 kgs; if you have this at home, be sure you have a home that can take it – it requires space. The price also demands a commitment.

“For buyers of TechnoGym equipment there is a premium because of our research and development and because of our design and because of our technology,” says Nerio Alessandri, the president of TechnoGym. “We are recognised worldwide as the most technological fitness company on the planet.”

q&a investment in your well-being

Shawn Stevens, TechnoGym’s UAE communications representative, reveals more about the luxury personal gym.

What is it like using the Kinesis?

Kinesis Personal moves my body and mind. It co-ordinates movements using resistance. It is engineered for strength, flexibility and balance inundated workouts. It also uses three-dimensional full gravity technology patented in Italy and not found anywhere else.

Is it a complicated machine to get to know?

It offers 200 workout moves in less than a square metre and it’s not complicated at all. The machine has an interior design element that suits the modern world of incredible beauty with a purpose.

It could be integrated perfectly in homes, offices, hotels and spas.

What is a soft workout?

Soft workout is all about original movement. It goes back to the basics of how the body is made to flow. Kinesis Personal takes what the body does naturally, adds resistance and calculates a formula that ends in an experience humming with the joy of movement. This type of a movement will also never injure your body.

What type of workout will I get?

Kinesis Personal incorporates a plethora of workout disciplines – Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, rehabilitation and athletic.

Dh65,000 — is it popular?

The Personal Kinesis is quite popular with people who really don’t like to go to the gym and do weight training and prefer to exercise within the confines of their homes and believe in using their own body weight.

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Published: September 3, 2014 04:00 AM

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