iPhone 6 users in UAE can now enwrap smartphone in rare precious metal

The image-conscious in the UAE can crank up their phone-fashion to another level, but it will cost thousands of dirhams.

The AED 13,700 Givori Phantom Black Platinum iPhone 6. Courtesy Givori
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The iPhone 6 on its own is considered a step in the right direction among fashionistas, but now the image-conscious in the UAE can crank up their phone-fashion to another level.

The luxury smartphone accessoriser, Givori, has launched its customised model of the iPhone 6, with the popular device adorned with a rare precious metal and high quality leather.

“The Dh13,700 Givori Phantom Black Platinum enwraps the iPhone 6 with black platinum, one of the rarest precious metals in the world,” said Givori in a statement.

“The back of the phone is made from the finest grade of Mississippiensis alligator leather, which has been uniquely treated with silver dust to give it a distinctly masculine metallic finish.”

The iPhone 6 model of the Givori Phantom Black Platinum is available at Harvey Nichols - Dubai, select Damas Les Exclusives jewellery boutiques, and Axiom showrooms.

Givori said that all parts of the smartphone are coated with a nanotechnology film to combat oxidation, fingerprints and colour fading.

The iPhone 6 has already been subjected to the luxury treatment in the UAE. A 24 carat gold-plated limited edition was created last year, selling at between Dh18,000 and Dh24,000.

Samsung meanwhile offers cases for its Galaxy Note 4 and Edge complete with Swarovski crystals.


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